Worthwhile Tips For Ecommerce By Steve Tan

With the advent of internet booming, humanity witnessed an exponential rise in the business through the use of web space. E-commerce is one of the examples, which when started had disrupted the conventional method and allows the customers to have more freedom to choose the product they want. Now with the technological advancement like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual access to the product helped this industry to scale up its business. Well on one side it offers privilege for the customers to have numerous options and on other side it made it tough for the e-commerce companies to sustain. Many enter the business of e-commerce but not everyone succeeds. So it is recommended to have an expert’s advice to foster your business. One such expert is Steve Tan who has 12 year of experience in the e-commerce. He is the founder of many startups and holds an important position in the entrepreneurs’ world. He offers lectures on how to build startups and provides useful tips on e-commerce.

Worthwhile tips offered by Steve Tan

  • Make pre-launch patrons- Just before launching the company or listing a product on a major e-commerce website, it is necessary to make pre-launch patrons. This will help to create an impression in the minds of customers. You can do this by organizing a contest on social media platform, starting product giveaway.
  • Taking feedbacks from customers- This holds a vital role in any business as taking feedback from the customers can help to build up the relationship. This also shows that you are concerned about your every patron. This can be done by email marketing by creating a well-structured format of the feedback form.
  • Power of remarketing- It is crucial to hold the customer who comes on your website to purchase very often. The focus should not only bring new customers but also bring back the old one. This can be done by doing remarketing through various tools.
  • Before drop shipping, do quality check- It is seen that quality of products reaching customers sometimes lack quality and this can deteriorate your business. Hence it is necessary to check the quality of the product before it goes for drop shipping.

Well, these were few tips to make your e-commerce a workable and may give you more returns. Welcome to the amazing journey you are going to embark, as e-commerce will grow at a rapid pace. In 2017 itself it shows a massive growth of 24.8 percent worldwide, so follow the rules closely and boom your market.